Cross-screen Marketing Solutions

Our patented technology

Build Once, Publish to ALL Mobile Devices including HTML5, HTML, XHTML

Exhibit ensures that your mobile content not only delivers but optimizes to every mobile web device & browser on the planet!

There are many thousands of individual mobile phone makes, models and versions and each unique:

  • Screen Size & Resolution
  • Mobile Web Browser
  • Firmware
  • Operating System
  • Network, Location & Language
  • Rich Media & Multi-Media Content Formats

As a Brand or Content owner it is SO important that you can properly handle each device's capabilities without compromising the experience you provide.

Build in Canvas or develop in Architect & you can be certain that your mobile web site takes into consideration the uniqueness of each visiting device to provide a perfect experience every time.

Exhibit does the hard work for you automatically!

Exhibit Delivers Every Time

Your Mobile experience is perfect on every Android, Blackberry, Windows, iPhone, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, HTC & ANY OTHER existing & future mobile web device or browser.

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