Cross-screen Marketing Solutions

Our patented technology

Mobilize your Existing Websites & Applications

Cost reduction

No need to maintain a second application for mobile or promote a separate mobile URL


Immediately capture the hearts of your current mobile users

Consumer Satisfaction

An experience tailored for their mobile browser & needs whilst on the move

Customized for Mobile Experience

Include location-based experiences & user interactivity

Stats & Reporting

Fully incorporated traffic stats, reporting & analytics


Link your URL to SMS, QR Code/MS Tag or ad-network & measure ad success

Ad Publisher

Display mobile Banner ads & make money.

With such a wealth of functionality & fantastic output, it's no wonder Canvas is trusted by brands worldwide for creating their mobile web marketing campaigns & information sites, which are optimised to all devices by our

Architect powers you on the mobile web

Architect enables you to output your existing web application or site optimized to ALL mobile devices.

Websites receive 10% of visits from mobile browsers - keep these mobile consumers happy with an optimum experience for their device.

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